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Which is right for you? JAMMA or MAME?


  • Standardised wiring configuration - This allows for an easy exchange system of any boards. If you want to upgrade your board you can just swap out your old put in your new and power back on (Make sure its the same monitor type vertical / horizontal, we will explain this later on)
  • Ease of Installation - The JAMMA harness is colour coded so it’s simple to connect the wires to the correct part, with the addition of quick disconnects so no soldering is required. TIP: Sort your harness into player 1 and 2 logical bundles to avoid "spaghetti wiring", make use of cable ties to keep it neat. 


  • Customisation - With a MAME PC since you build the PC yourself you can do as much as your skills and research will let you.
  • Upgradable - If you notice some games aren't performing like they should, you can upgrade the PC parts to get the performance required.
  • Precompiled Installation – A great way to get up and running quickly is to grab yourself a Raspberry Pi 2 and then get a pre-configured system like RetroPIE

So which is best for me?

Dont worry, which ever you choose, JAMMA or MAME, you will still have fantastic Arcade Machine that will provide endless hours of entertainment.

Below is a guideline that we suggest

I want games from early 90's and before. I have minimal time and tech skill - JAMMA

I want games from 00 and before. I have minimal time but ok tech skills - RetroPIE + RaspberryPI or JAMMA

I want everything game ever made, have loads of spare time, and I'm pretty good with a PC - MAME


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