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Welcome To DIY Arcade | Australia's #1 Arcade Parts Superstore

Whether you are restoring an arcade machine, or building your own arcade cabinet, DIY Arcade has all that you need. We offer a wide range of arcade parts no matter what your project! Our extensive range includes USB encoders, arcade buttons, arcade joysticks, coin doors/coin mechs, t-molding, multi-game JAMMA boards and lots more.

Our DIY Arcade Kits | What We're Famous For...

We have a wide selection of starter and ultimate kits, that have everything you need to get you started, in case you are not sure. All you need to provide is a monitor, a sheet or two of MDF or ply and you can start building! Alternatively, these kits can be a great way to refit an existing arcade machine.

Still Got Questions ? | Unsure Where To Start ?

We are happy to assist in many ways. Contact us through our facebook page, engage with us and other builders in our forums, or shoot us an email or call through our contact us page.

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