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About Us

Welcome To DIY Arcade | Australia's #1 Arcade Parts Superstore

Whether you are restoring an arcade machine, or building your own arcade cabinet, DIY Arcade has all that you need. We offer a wide range of arcade parts no matter what your project! Our extensive range includes USB encoders, arcade buttons, arcade joysticks, coin doors/coin mechs, t-molding, multi-game JAMMA boards and lots more.

Our DIY Arcade Kits | What We're Famous For...

We have a wide selection of starter and ultimate kits, that have everything you need to get you started, in case you are not sure. All you need to provide is a monitor, a sheet or two of MDF or ply and you can start building! Alternatively, these kits can be a great way to refit an existing arcade machine.

Still Got Questions ? | Unsure Where To Start ?

We are happy to assist in many ways. Contact us through our facebook page, or shoot us an email or call through our contact us page.