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Some examples of DIY Arcade customer Arcade Machines

Want to see what can be done with our DIY Arcade parts and some time, Below are some of our customers Arcade builds to give you some insite on what can be done.

Crafted Arcades

First up is one of our good mates Glenn from Crafted Arcades, He turns furniture and other interesting items into Arcade Machine Cabinets. He has a knack of turning 'things' into great looking works of art Arcade machines.

Below is an sample of his work, for more check his site

This is my personal favorite - The Crate.

craftedarcades crate first image

craftedarcades crate image second

Crafted Arcades table

CraftedArcades Table

Standup Arcade Cabinets

Duane standup Arcade Cabinet you can also see his wine barrel cabinets further down.

Duane Standup 01

John's Standup Machine

John's Standup Machine

Cocktail Arcade Cabinets

Nice looking and clean cocktail from James.

James Cocktail Table

Adam's Cocktail Machine

Adam's Cocktail Machine

John M's Cocktail Machine

John M Cocktail Machine

Other Styles of Arcade Machines

Here is a Arcade plus Music machine created from an old pokie machine. Great Idea from Brydon.

Brydon arcade machine 01

Brydon Arcade Machine 02


Duane has built a few arcade machines, here is two of his wine barrel builds.

Duane Wine Barrel 01

Duane Wine Barrel 02

Kai H Nice looking player console

Kai H Player Console

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